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Full Version: Dell XPS 730x / MSI MS-7543 cpu support
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Hi all...

I'm new here, but pretty sure I'm in the right place. Veteran programmer and love to mod.

This is the saga of the Dell XPS 730x, a premium desktop pc based on the MSI motherboard MS-7543 (X58 chipset). Dell abruptly canceled this product and bios work stopped. However, the (dell owned) Alienware Area 51 desktop also uses this motherboard and the bios is much better. Of course I can crossflash but that doesn't really work because the pc's have a few differences beyond the motherboard (ie. ESA master io/control board).

Long story short, my initial goal is to simply mod the XPS 730x bios (here) adding support for the Intel 980x/990x cpu's (which was added to the Area 51 bios here).

So how hard is it to merge the cpu support from the Area 51 bios to the 730x bios?

Is it insane to consider modding the Area51 bios so that it has the 730x ESA support and just go with that?

Thanks in advance!
If this belongs in another forum, or I need to reword the request, please let me know! (and my apologies).