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Full Version: Biostar TA790GX XE and X6 support?
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I am trying to figure out if this board supports Thuban X6 and perhaps someone knows this? (I asked Biostar Email support, but they do not response Sad )

The thing is that this (unoffical?) Biostar-Dealerpage claims there is X6 support:
But the offical Biostar Page did not mention any X6 support:
"Offical" CPU supports ends at the old C2 stepping X4 955 if it seems the Board has no dual power plane design.

My current Bios is an older 09/28/2009 Version A78CM928.BS
I putted a X4 955 (C3 Stepping) and the Board only booted @800Mhz. But it works to change the multiplier in the Bios and the X4 works fine @3.8Ghz.

So, if a dual plane X4 works - did this mean a X6 (T1055) could perhaps also work? Here is the "newest" Bios:
How to figure out if this Bios has any X6 support? Huh

thx. Peter