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Full Version: Sony VAIO VGN-FE44S, FE45G, FE45T, FE47S, FE48G BIOS MOD (Post #8)
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Help me Please!

I sucessfully unlocked the 'Workaround Control Sub-Menu' for my Vaio FE48G bios (Ver: R0200J3). The problem is the 'CPU Control Sub-Menu' is empty and not enabled. Could you please explain how to unlock it.

I attached my original and moded bios below.


Thank you.
HI ,

the cpu control sub-menu contains yonah and dothan sub-menus.
you should search for the routines controlling both 2 menus and change the instruction MOV AX , 13h TO MOV AX , 0

then the menus will be unlocked .
Thank you for your reply.

I have less knowledge of deassembling and I done this using WinHex only. Is there any way to find the routine check in winhex.

many thanks / SK
Hi sskzk,

Usually in this case, the reason why you unable to see Yonah or Dothan CPU Control Sub-Menu are because your notebook have different processor (probable Merom or Penryn processor). And also in this case, usually Yonah & Dothan CPU Control Sub-Menu contains identical menu/options. What I did is link the "CPU Control Sub-Menu" with either Yonah & Dothan CPU Control Sub-Menu section. Please observed this example.
CPU Control Sub-Menu (AA BB 01 23) --|
                                     |--Yonah CPU Control Sub-Menu (CC DD 45 67)
                                     |--Dothan CPU Control Sub-Menu (EE FF 89 01)
CPU Control Sub-Menu (AA BB 01 23), Yonah CPU Control Sub-Menu (CC DD 45 67), Dothan CPU Control Sub-Menu (EE FF 89 01)
* RED - item offset
* BLUE - jump offset (e.g. to CPU Control Sub-Menu section/table)

Because both Yonah & Dothan contain identical menu/options, I will use either one of them for "CPU Control Sub-Menu". To do this I change "jump offset" for "CPU Control Sub-Menu". For example, I use Yonah "jump offset":-
CPU Control Sub-Menu (AA BB 45 67) --|
                                     |--Yonah CPU Control Sub-Menu (CC DD 45 67)
                                     |--Dothan CPU Control Sub-Menu (EE FF 89 01)
See, I change CPU Control Sub-Menu (AA BB 01 23) to (AA BB 45 67). This will make all options under Yonah to appeared directly under "CPU Control Sub-Menu".
Ramadhan Kareem,

I redirected 'CPU Control Sub-Menu' to show 'Yonah CPU Control Sub-Menu'. Still 'Video (Intel IGD) Control Sub-Menu' not shown in the bios options. I will try it later.


The problem is even I enabled the 'Virtualization Technology' in the bios, Securable reported that Hardware Virtualization is 'Locked ON'. How can I enable it?.


my Processor info:

And one more thing is my system 'Mobile IntelĀ® 945GM Express Chipset' can allow 4GB maximum memory.
But SONY spec. says only 2GB max. memory only upgradable. Is it possible to envoke the bios to accept 4GB ram inorder to use with 64bit OS?

Thankyou for your great support.

Try click at the "Locked ON" word to know in details what it means. If you enabled Virtualization in BIOS (of course saved the BIOS settings) & you did powercycle (OFF & ON again) your notebook afterward, the Virtualization does enabled. You can test this by installing 64-bit OS on VMware or VirtualBox, etc. If Virtualization still OFF, you won't be able to install the 64-bit guest OS.

The Intel 945GM datasheet shows the full capability of the chipset however manufacturer can decided which ones they want to use/implement on their product. Usually they don't implement everything. I don't have enough knowledge to check & modify the maximum supported memory but based on what I know so far, every each memory slot have maximum supported RAM module. Probably on your notebook, the maximum supported RAM module on each slot is only 1GB which means this locked the maximum memory you can put is 2GB RAM.

BTW, your VAIO FE48G doesn't have Intel GMA GPU. One of the feature manufacturer decided not to implement on this notebook. This is why the 'Video (Intel IGD) Control Sub-Menu' is not visible.

Eventhough Securable reported VT is locked on, now vmware is working fine in my system.

This unlocked feature is mainly useful to enable VT and AHCI mode features for my

Thanks for your great help.

Here is the final version of Vaio VGN-FE series...

Applicable Models:

To @All, standard T&C, ^^Use at your own risk!

Thanks sskzk. Since this BIOS has been unlocked & tested, I moved this thread to unlocked section. Wink
hi, you have a PM.

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