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Full Version: supermicro H8SMI-2 bios mod
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Does anyone know how to mod this mobo bios to accept quad core cpus?
(10-13-2011, 01:10 AM)sinusshaphard123 Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know how to mod this mobo bios to accept quad core cpus?

There is no need to mod the bios.
As stated on supermicros website there are two PCB revisions:

NOTE: Motherboard PCB revision 2.xx is needed to support quad-core processor


Important Note: BIOS R 1.0c is for H8SMi-2/H8SMA-2 Rev 1.xx, BIOS R 3.5a is for
H8SMi-2/H8SMA-2 Rev 2.xx

So, if you have board revision 1.XX you would need a hardware rework -
and therefore you would need a rev. 2.XX board to figure out the changes made.
(I suppose changes in voltage regulator design)
I think that may be it,just the voltage regulators.a little additional cooling(custom heatsinks,heatpipes,fans or watercooling should do the trick.)Ill try and do a little research but if you find out anything let me know.
Tyan did something similar the the S4992. Supposedly the newer revision was needed for IStanbul support but the older revisions worked fine with the new revision bios. Probably worth a try as long as you have a bios backup device (Or spare chip).