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Full Version: Phenom x6 Support Needed Foxconn a74ml-k
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I have a foxconn a74ml-k (not an "a74ml-k 3.0" people confuse the two sometimes...) motherboard, and i am trying to run a phenom x6 1035t (95 watt)

At first it wouldn't boot, so i updated the bios, now it boots but according to cpu-z and windows, its running at 800mhz (200mhz with 4x multiplier) instead of 2.6ghz 200mhz with 13x multiplier). but i can run crysis on mediumish (im limited by my gpu) and the physics are fine, so its NOT running at 800 mhz per core. its something close to if not full performance. on occasion when im opening programs and such, the multiplier bumps up to 13 for a few seconds. idk if its running at full performance all the time, or if its ramping up and down, but its misreading for some reason

Could you guys look around my bios and see if there is anyway to fix this?

If any more info is needed please let me know.

The 3.0 version of this board does fully support the 1035t, and has the 740g chip set as well, however its an am3 socket, with ddr3 memory so im not sure how similar the two boards are, here is the link to the latest bios for it (

CPU-Z validation (click)
[Image: 2041948.png]

My bios attached.