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Full Version: Asus M2NPV-MX need to mod. AM2 Athlon64 X2 5000+
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Sorry 1. for my English, i come from Switzerland.
Right now, can my any body help to mod this OEM CPU (2x512Kb L2 Cache,not 1Mb!!): in this bios, please?
(The problem is: The dual-channel memory controller is not go,he go only in singel-channel modus)
Homepage Mainboard:

BIOS What SUPPORTED This CPU(the same Chipset which the other one):

BIOS to modify (M2NPV-MX):

Bios are Attachement

Thanks to anyone

According to asus cpu-compatibility list, your cpu is already supported.
You might check the exact cpu-type and dual channel working with the cpu-z tool.
If dual-channel is not working try to change the ram-module positions and settings.

oder auf deutsch:

Laut ASUS Kompatibilitäts-Liste wird die CPU unterstützt.
Der exakte CPU-Typ und die Dual-Channel Funktion läßt sich gut mit dem Tool CPU-Z
Falls der Dual-Channel Modus nicht läuft, hilft nur rumprobieren mit der Speichermodul-Bestückung.