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Full Version: 790fx AGESA Bulldozer upgrade
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I was just curious if you thought that something like this might work on a 790fx board to add zambezi (BD) support ?

I've grabbed the AMI bios tools and peeked into the bios for my board and expectedly I found several microcodes. I also looked into the next board with zambezi support ( an 890fx board from the same company ), but its latest bios's do not have any microcode in them; the older ones have microcodes, but I can't be sure if any of those are zambezi roms.

Is it possible the newer bios for the 890fx is using an updated format and that is why the microcode is not showing or maybe the microcode is gone for another reason ?
The flash image (rom) is twice the size (2 MB) on the 890fx.

My board : 790FX-GD70
Example board with BD support : 890FXA-GD70
Tools tried : AMIBCP v3.46 & MMTool 3.22

Details and bios for these boards are here