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Full Version: SONY VGN-C2Z/B AHCI and others options ?
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Pse need support for AHCI if it is possible (ICH7-M) ? (PBE strings show AHCI but i don't know how to enable it)

I attach 2 versions (older and newer) of bios.

Thanks for the request, I shall have a look and get back to you shortly.
Here is the two modified bioses with unlocked INTEL tab :-


try it and i`m waiting your reply Smile
tnx Ahmed . i will try and write feedback. one question for all ... i would like to know if crisis bios recovery works for VGN-C serie laptops ??
Yes , you as far as i knew its working in all phoenix bioses .
The modified bioses are not dangerous , i made sure i didn`t touch anything else except the setup module .
Try it and i`m waiting your reply
Hi Ahmed .. i tried to flash from usb stick (phlash16 is from ur post how to flash phoenix bios) with phlash16 but i got error : platform signature not found in the interface

Was your bios files a backup not the original one from sony`s web site !!
If yes , then the modified bioses are useless as backup can`t be flashed after modified .
These 2 bios files are orginal from sony site :

i only run these filest to extract and copy bios files
Try this winflash .......... its extracted from the original exe in the link you posted :-

(01-05-2012, 06:30 PM)AHMED HOSSAM Wrote: [ -> ]Try this winflash .......... its extracted from the original exe in the link you posted :-

this is only for win and not for DOS .. i don't use win .. only linux and freebsd Smile
tnx anyway ..
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