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Full Version: Acer Aspire X3200 BIOS mod to support Phenom II X4
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(Excuse my English, I'm French)

I have an Acer Aspire X3200 with DA078L motherboard, an Athlon X2 4450th and the Award BIOS to the newest version R01B0. I want to replace the current processor by a processor Phenom II X4 socket AM2 + compatible. Because I think that this motherboard can support these processors.

By cons before making the purchase of a Phenom II X4 proceseur, I would be sure that the BIOS is compatible with this processor. The BIOS includes a module in version 3.1.7 AGESACPU and NCPUCODE.BIN module contains the firmware ID 040A, 0414, 041B, 0680, 1000, 1020, 1022.

I just appeal to your users to answer my questions;
- Is a user has made ??a change in the BIOS to support the Phenom II X4?

If this is not the case:
- What version of AGESA module and firmware ID required to support the Phenom II X4? And what precautions to take to work on a BIOS?

For my information:
Which processor families are the firmware ID 040A, 0414, 041B, 0680, 1000, 1020, 1022? and how to decode the ID to find the family of processors? Or, conversely, how to find the firmware ID for a given processor?

Thank you in advance.

BIOS is attached.
Here is a link for more Details of the PC:
tu devrais poser la question dans la section " Award Bios Unlocking Requests " du forum en y ajouttant un lien de telechargement du bios original ( téléchargé chez acer ) _ t'aurais surement plus de réponse


you should ask the question in this section " Award Bios Unlocking Requests" including download link to your original acer bios link