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Full Version: Gateway MX6453 AMD TF-20 CPU support request...
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I've got an MX6453 with an AMD TF-20 instead of the stock TL-52. The TF-20 shows up as unknown in the BIOS. Any suggestions? A search leads me to the SLIC thread. Thank You...
Please provide a link to the BIOS download, you can find this on the manufacturers website.

Thank You Mick,

Here's the links. There's another BIOS (84.06) that's used for Windows XP. Would it be possible to add the CPU support to an already SLIC 2.1 modded Megapack?

Stock 68.05 used for Vista\Windows7:

Here's the SLIC 2.1 Mega Bios Pack:

Thanks again...

I'm sorry. I should have explained why I wanted a modded BIOS. This MX6453 gets HOT! The TF-20 shows up as unknown in the BIOS so Windows can't slow the processor down. I tried a Backtrack 5 LiveCD and it slowed down fine. Did a search for CPU throttle and found the RightMark CPU CLock Utility. Works perfect.

Here's links to RMClock and a site with info about setting up RMClock with AMD K8 architecture.

Hope this might help someone...
Please link to a BIOS that supports the TL-20!