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Full Version: Unlock request for VAIO VGN CR-354 (PhoenixTechnologies LTD - R2101Q0 )
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PhoenixTechnologies LTD - R2101Q0

I just wanted to adjust the Dedicated Video Memory of my Laptop - VGN CR-354.

Thanks in advanced. Smile
is this backup bios or the original from sony`s web site ! if its backup then it can`t be flashed after modified .
its the back up. :O here's what i downloaded from sony asia.
Thank you , i will modify it and post it here ASAP .
Thank you! Hoping for your reply soon. Smile
I have only found VT and Core multiprocessing for unlocking ....... no other options or menus were found for unlock :-
so i can't change the dedicated video memory? :<
anyway. thank you so much for helping. Big Grin
Thanks for confirming,

Moved to unlocked /mod