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Full Version: one platform/socket, multiple motherboards
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Hello all!

I have a BIOS request that may be a little out of the ordinary!

The platform: Intel Sossaman - socket 479.

Background info: Sossaman is basically Core Duo, released prior to Core 2 Duo. Sossaman CPUs are are virtually identical to Yonah CPUs. Yonah is the laptop variety. Core Duo has some features missing that Core 2 Duo has, for instance Core Duo/Yonah/Sossaman cannot do 64-bit. Also max fsb is 667, whereas Core 2 Duo goes higher, ie 800fsb. Essentially, what Intel has done is change the microcode(?) of the yonah CPUs so that they are recognised as sossaman Xeon CPUs. Yes, that's right, Xeon - from laptop to server! Smile There are no hardware limitations, so to speak - the northbridge chipset on any sossaman motherboard is capable of 800fsb & there are 64-bit drivers etc. The only thing holding a sossaman rig back is the lack of 64-bit capabilities (& a higher fsb is nice too!).

here are all the sossaman motherboards:

this is the only Intel mobo:
it has an AMI BIOS

here is the Tyan mobo:
it has a Phoenix BIOS

& here are the two Supermicro models:


both Supermicros have an AMI BIOS

so what would I like? I would be very happy if the above mobos supported Merom laptop CPUs (Core 2 Duo). Merom is socket compatible (simply drop-in), 64-bit capable & 800fsb. I have listed the motherboards in order of preference to be done - I have a Tyan myself, however I have many acquintances that have the Intel mobo. I only know of one fellow with a Supermicro mobo. So at least the Intel & Tyan mobos would be very nice! Smile

I am willing to pay via paypal, providing the price is not exuberant; also, testing will take time, as it will require me taking my Merom CPU out of laptop, then testing in my Tyan & then visiting my friend who has the Intel mobo.

If anyone could help, myself & many others (over @ XS) would be very grateful! Smile

Thank you for reading!