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Full Version: Medion MD42100 CPU expansion Request
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Good day BIOS-Mods. I here have a lovely Medion laptop that I'm looking at flushing out with a 2.0GHz Pentium M 755. However, the Insyde BIOS does not seem to like the fac that a Pentium M755 is in its ZIP socket and I hope to change that.

The BIOS is Insyde Software's R1.08 on the MTC Montra GML mainboard. I have the Specs to the BIOS through the RW Everything utility This is an odd computer to do a request for I know, but the added flexibility of a redone BIOS is very tempting offer. Love to add more "Dothan" cores and drop "Banias" support. Anyway, here is the basic data that you'll need.

Manufacturer- Medion
Motherboard Model- MTC Montra GML FAB-2
BIOS Maker- Insyde Software
BIOS Revision- R1.08
BIOS download link-
RW Everything Report Download-
CPU-Z Validation-
What processor are you using the M755 or a M715?
(02-19-2012, 08:53 AM)dellon122 Wrote: [ -> ]What processor are you using the M755 or a M715?

The M715. The BIOS says it can support 2.0 GHz+ processors. Though I would love a full report on the BIOS to see whether or not its stuck with 400MHz FSB.