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Full Version: MSI GT735
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Well, I'm hoping to add support for s1g3 processors, specifically the "Turion II Ultra M640"

The laptop has the 780g chipset, I've sean it used in motherboards that support k10 processors, so it should work, but I can't find a laptop with that chipset and the s1g3 socket.

The s1g2 and s1g3 are backward compatible (as in s1g2 cpus work in s1g3 socket) but I think the bios is the only thing keeping it from being forward compatible (like am2 and am3).

Chipset: AMD 780g
Socket: s1g2
CPU: zm-82 (k8)
Bios: AMI
Current Bios

I can probably do the work (using mmtool) but I don't know where to get the cpu info from.

Thanks for your time Smile