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Full Version: Request: Asus F3M to support rev. G1
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Hello everyone, my first thread here.

The notebook in question is Asus F3M, which gave me the "unknown revision" warning when I replaced old Sempron 3400+ (SMS3400HAX3CM, rev. F2) with Turion 64 X2 TL-60 (TMDTL60HAX5DC, rev. G1). It recognizes the new cpu correctly (2 GHz, 2 cores...) but after the "unknown revision" message, system halts.

I suppose that rev. F2 Turions would work fine, but G1 is 65nm so I'd love to use this TL-60. Is it possible for someone to add support for it, by using the microcode from some newer Asus notebook? I attached F3M's original BIOS file (btw it's the last official update).

Thank you very much.