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Full Version: MCP61PM-AM Bios choices
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Quick explanation, Ive been reading the threads on here for quite some time and Ive sucessfully flashed two different abit Bios on my mcp61pm-am 1.0a board. One had Raid and a few less options, the other had no raid but had a little better control of system.

Ive also read several reports of people flashing a foxconn bios to the -am board as well giving alot more range of control. Ive also read this on the nettle3 board so im not sure if people were mixing up posts in the different threads. ive also seen threads were people have talked about different ECS board bios

Another thing Ive read are different reports that some phenom II processors will work, some posts have reported no support for certain processors. Ive read quad cores will not work, but then another post will have a report of a quad core running on it.

So in an attempt to summerize the information in these different threads what I would like to know is (Ill modify this thread as "clear" information comes in)

1. What bios will work for the MCP61pm-am, including the elusive foxconn bios I cannot seem to find

2. What processors are actually compatible with these boards? Are quad cores NOT supported? Are Tricores NOT supported? Are Dual core Phenom II Supported?

3. Is the mcp61pm-am v1.0a the same as a nettle1, nettle 2, nettle 3, Iris-8?

I am also very much interested in a recap of all known information. The threads are soooo long, it's confusing.
Hello?, Could anyone make this easy to upgrade this mother board! I have this MB and would like to over clock but when I hit f1 in bios to change the multiplier it comes up and I can only set it to 203 but anything more it will run in a safe mode and revert to the 2.6Mhz and not take the change? Help!!!