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Full Version: AMI Tyan Tiger i7501R (S2735)
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Wondering if this bios supports the dual core Xeon cpus's?

the later models do but this is an older board I have so just wondering before I buy 2 cpus if they will work?

Its a Socket 604 and I plan on sticking in 2 Intel Xeon Paxindale 2.8ghz or faster, these would be the cpus I want to put in.
Hi, and wonderfull Greetz from Germany, I hope you understand my English.
And no, the Board doesn't support them, because, I had a 604 board, too, but it doesn't support the 800mhz FSB.
You can look at the Phoenix Bios mods, there is my board.. It was a Thunder S2665. It's the same chipset than yours.
I hope I could help you a little bit.

Something else: Where did you find Xeon Paxindale? I'd never heard from them! I googled it, and yes, it's true... I wanna have Paxville Wink

Have a nice day/evening I don't know...

thanks, this board can go on ebay then lol as no virtulisation cpus exist for it.

Xeon Paxindale came out in 2008 as the last cpus for the 604 socket there is apparently a 3.2ghz dual core one but I couldn't find one the fastest I found was 1.8.

Just looking at your board there are a few for like £10 on ebay but wont fit my case,

I missed out on a Tempest i5000XT at the weekend so might just wait for another to come up as that takes 2 quad core cpus and 32gb ram and go for like £20.