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Full Version: ASUS P8P67 WS Revo BIOS support request for D1 stepping Intel processors
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Hi all,

After desperately looking around the web, I came across your website guys.
I had BIOS 1302 working on my ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution and Core I7 2600K D1 ES processor.
Updated to 2003 BIOS and now seems it does not support my D1 stepping CPU anymore.
Tried to downgrade, by ami bios tool. But looks the framework its completely changed, and some guys have bricked their mobos by forcing it.
Right now, I have a Core I5 2500K D2 in place, and its working fine. Guess just the ASUS people didn't add the D1 microcode after 1302 to their BIOSes.

Is there anyway you can mod a BIOS 20* to support D1 stepping?
My i7 is a jewel, and works with HT enabled@5Ghz 200 IBT passes.

Thanks a lot in advance.