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Full Version: HP-MCP61PM-HM-Nettle3 need a cpu microcode added???
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* I might be having the same problem as the thread
But with a different mobo bios.


I installed the bios mod above (TheWiz,Kev711) and it works great, so I bought an AMD Phenom II x4 980 BE, however CPU-Z is only showing it with a x4 modifier, 800mhz core speed and 0.992 volts.

I noticed in the thread above the guy had the same problem I did and someone mentioned something about adding a cpu microcode. Apparently it didn't work or something.

Could someone please assist me with my problem? I don't know if the microcode is the answer, I was just throwing it out there for those who know what might be wrong.

Also I got no video when i first installed the 980, I guessed it might be the PSU since its only 550w. So I installed my old gpu and I was able to get video. Not sure if the PSU is causing this problem, but just thought I would mention it.

Thank you very much,

Found this:

" Of course, Cool'n'Quite is present with this model as well as with any other Phenom II or Athlon II model for that matter. When idling, C'n'C will drop clock all the way to 800 MHz per core, and core voltage will go down to just below 1.00 V, saving a good deal of power draw."

on this site:

Is that what's going on?
I turned C'nQ off and no change still running at 800mhz, 4x max multiplier, 66w Max TDP, .992v.

Sigh, hope this is fixable.