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Full Version: [SOLVED] MSI VR601 BIOS upgrade for Penryn CPU support (30 $)
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Hi everybody.

I have a MSI VR601 notebook (AMI BIOS).
I have an Intel T2130 CPU installed and I hope upgrade it to an Intel P8400 that I have.

I need a BIOS upgrade, but I can't find a MSI similar model for the BIOS upgrade, so I can't link it.
Anyone know if is it possible upgrade my BIOS with anyother manufacturer's microcode with Penryn supported BIOS?

Anyway, this is the latest BIOS for my laptop:
I hope anybody can help me.

I will donate 30 $ (with PayPal) to the person that offers me the upgrade.

Thanks. Smile

EDITED ON 2012.05.24:
Solved installing another compatible CPU.