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[Request] Asus X515DAP BIOS Unlock

.zip (Size: 4.56 MB / Downloads: 1) Bios unlock all options for X515DAP with fans speed control section


Its UEFI Bios AMI ,current is 306 new is 309
cpu is AMD 3250U with Vega3.
want unlockin all options , especially fan speed + thermals, cause the heat here is high 90c+
no software that can control the fans (most dont even detect them)

also cant see in in external LCD when inside the bios, only when loading OS - so maybe you can enable something to see. GOP is 2.7.0

i tried to make backup of current bios 306 from the laptop itself - it works but SHA256 is different from the 306 bios of the website
1. Do you have an hardware spi programmer? It has to read/write bios by a programmer if you'd like to modify bios on a AMD Ryzen platform.

2. I can unlock the hidden advanced menus(what the hidden Advanced tab and Chipset tab you can see on AMIBCP) ,but i can't guarantee unlock the AMD CBS menu ,if you wanna tune memory freq the only way is do it at AMD CBS menu ,no other way ,because there are no xmp or docp features be designed on a Ryzen laptop.  It usually can't directly adjust fan speed(rpm) in laptops platform ,no matter Intel or AMD ,because the fan speed was be controlled by EC on laptop platform instead of bios. But i found a interesting sub-menu name "Fan Control" under AMD CBS menu ,maybe some chances to control it.

I have some experiences with unlock menus on  fx505xx series and  FA706IU. Fx505xx used 3xxx series cpu ,FA706IU used 4xxx series cpu ,new zen3 platform(such as 5900h) haven no experience yet ,because it used a new 74 series bios chip ,it need a more expensive programmer to read/write and it seems has a new type  secure protection. So far i didn't see anyone can provide the bios dump from a 5xxx Ryzen laptops.

Anyway ,i compared bios between fx505du and X515DAP ,under ida pro environment , i found out it seems lack of a key function code than fx505du and they have difference menu structures ,so i felt it can't be inserted cbs menu in this model. But it's only my guess ,it still has to do a actual test to verify.

hey, tnx for replying to my thread , lets try unlock
1 - no i dont have spi programmer, if there is a need i will buy one, iv see that in other laptops (AMD) you manage to mod or at least some of it without any programmer here:

2 - if you manage to unlock all those advanced menus it is great, no real need for RAM freq or other oc tweaking, mostly power saving/thermals/fans and maybe other.

maybe you and other amazing users here can look at my bios save (its from AFUWIN x64 + with CMD /o , both the same SHA256)

my bios backup is abit smaller 8,388,608 - website is 8,390,656
what does it say - tell me if i will upload

1. I haven't never go in those threads that you mentioned ,because i know they can't solve the problem of write/read bios and i think they can't unlock it as well. You can see all of threads regard of Ryzen 5xxx laptops ,they are always be stuck at the first step of read/write bios ,not to mention to edit bios.
It's difficult to read/write bios chip on a Ryzen 5xxx laptop ,it may need a programmer that is more expensive and special. But yours can be read/write easily by a normal programmer ,as it's an old Ryzen 3xxx laptop. Today i even received a new request with a Ryzen 6xxx laptop(Zephyrus DUO)

2. The suspected section of fan control is under AMD CBS menu as well ,so you still have to unlock AMD CBS menu. As i mentioned i can't guarantee to unlock cbs ,but unlock Advance menus is not hard.
See extraced ifr file here ,open it then search word "Fan Control" ,then you will understand what i said.

(1)You don't need to attach bios dump that made by afuwin ,as it can't be rewrite by afuwin again, so spi programmer is necessary. You can try it if you don't believe.

(2) Cut off the head 800h in official bios ,then you will get a real bios part.

i see, so i have looked into the cbs file -i can see the fan control there.
3 - 1 im intersted in other ways to flash it beside spi programmer if there any,
im willing to try if its safe enough

3 - 2 what is it

i have alot of pc experience - so i can do things you need for this to try things,
mostly power saving/thermals/fans and maybe other intersting
(like the HDMI to LCD i told in op, that wont show screen until OS)

tnx for trying :]

If there is a easy way or tool utilities to read/write bios chip from a ryzen laptop ,why need spi programmer? Have you thought about ?

sure, but because i see in other website some other user who is making the mods (for AMD) without this
1. Does those amd mods are all Ryzen laptops ??If so ,you can learn how to rewrite modified bios from them and apply it to your machine. If not ,don't overthink it ,spi programmer is necessary.

2. I have told you the requires for edit bios with AMD ryzen platform ,do or not is your choice.

sure, im trying


maybe they can join to unlock. tnx
or at least to use setup_var commands to show the fan speed control settings

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