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Full Version: Lenovo ThinkCentre A55 9641-7QG E7400
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There is a similar request,

Would it be possible for an A55? Original CPU is E4400 (65nm) and I'm trying to replace it with E7400 (45nm). It boots and I can access BIOS settings but it doesn't start to load an OS. I think the chipset is 946GZ. Original BIOS (2QKT29A) can be downloaded from
Hello, first sorry for my poor English.

I'm suffering the same problem. It does not boot when I change te processor, it shows the microcode error.

The BIOS is here:

This BIOS is for ThinkCentre A55 (type 9636, 9638, 9640, 9641) / M55e (type 9300, 9301, 9642, 9643, 9644, 9645) systems.

I need update microcode, but for a Core2Duo E7400 or a Pentium Dual Core E6600

I've found a similar post here, but my system uses other BIOS:

Core2Duo E7400 SLGW3

Pentium Dual Core E6600 SLGUG

Data of Pentium Dual Core E6600 obtained from another computer.
processor : 1
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model : 23
model name : Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz
stepping : 10
microcode : 0xa07

Could anyone help us? Angel

Thanks in advance.

I will post the unmodified BIOS:

- Extracted BIOS ROM image

- BIOS from Lenovo

Thanks in advance...
Possible solution.

I will try it

I will try with these files...... replacing other microcode...
I tested and It does not work.
I think only updates microcodes that are in BIOS.

I need to modify the ROM BIOS image $image2q.usf

Could someone help?

Where can I find information about modifying Lenovo Phoenix BIOSes???