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Full Version: Asus F5VL-AP070 Notebook CPU Support Upgrade Intel T9300
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Thank You very much, but I've already sold t9300Sad So I can't try it. Could you tell me if t7500 will work? I'm going to buy t7500 but I don't want to risk buying incompatible processor. Thank You for Your considerationSmile

T7500 has a CPUID Of 06FA as previously stated.

So either the original bios or Raalphs modded BIOS should work , but the modded bios by myself won't work with the T7500

Yes. But how many are CPU id for T7500? Is only one 06FA microcode or like in 0676 5 of them? I found that: 6FA (QXJK, SLA44). So T7500 SLA44 will work? Thanks Smile
Yes there is only 1 Microcode for 06FA in the latest release of all the microcodes from Intel.
Thanks a lot. If I will buy t7500 i will write is it working.

It works without any problemsSmile So if you have t7500 sla44 and f5vl it will workSmile Thank you all for help. Greetings from Poland Smile
Hello, friends, I really need your help!
I have F5VL with T2330.
I already buy two CPU:
- T9400 SLB46 1066MHz FSB and CPUID 10676
- T8300 SLAYQ 800MHz FSB and CPUID 10676
Both Penryn.
They do not work! I tried both BIOSes, from Raalph and from 1234s282. I spent lot of hours (CPU swaps and BIOS flashing), but no success.
Anothe little problem - RAM limit, I have installed 2x2Gb, but "memory: 4Gb (available 3Gb)". And in BIOS 3072Mb.
Please help me, I do not want to buy one else CPU like T7500. Thank you!
And what about t7700. Can I put it into F5VL? Sla7?
Today I celebrate the victory!
I receive T7700 SLA43 and it is working! At 2,4Ghz and 800MHz FSB. But only SLA43 supported by F5VL BIOS. About cooling - on stress test I have about 80°С at 3800 rpm fun.
The best F5VL configuration:
- T7700 SLA43 $24.99
- Hynix 2X2GB 2RX8 PC2-5300S-555-12 PC2-5300 ~$43 (only 3Gb available)
I'm going to upgrade my F5VL Notebook from T5450 to P8700. I've already bought processor, but after fitting it into socket computer starts but there's only black screen. I have NB SIS 671/FX/DX/MX Rev. 00 and SB SIS 968 Rev. 01 . BIOS is AMI ver. 213 from 12/25/2007.
I couldn't find any cpu support list for this notebook. Is there something I can do about it? Please help me. Someone could modify the bios or tell me which processors are compatible with my asus?
Thank you
I want to revive the old laptop Asus F5VL for parents.
I saw above a successful attempt with the T7700 SLA43 processor. But now it's impossible to find a processor with s-spec SLA43 on sale. Only SLAF7.
Please, tell me, is the T7700 SLAF7 processor suitable for the Asus F5VL upgrade?
Thank you!
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