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Full Version: [REQUEST] Acer Aspire 4750(G,Z) & 4752(G,Z) BIOS Unlock
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Hi all,

Can Someone help me unlock the Hidden/Advanced features in Phoenix BIOS SecureCore Tiano version 1.22 for my Acer Aspire 4750G. I want to be able to Enable or Disable the Intel HD VGA Function or For Nvidia.

Yes, I do know the issues that I would encounter if I attempt to Enable or Disable the Intel HD VGA or the Nvidia GT 540M Function. However, I do know of someone who have used a modded BIOS from Kizwan for the 4743G and managed to get display even though either VGA is disabled. So I would like to try using a modded BIOS for my Acer Aspire 4750G.

My Acer Aspire 4750G Notebook full specification can be found here:

The link to download the latest BIOS for Acer Aspire 4750G is here:

Further old versions of the BIOS can also be found from here by selecting the appropriate notebook model:

I really hope you can help me to fufill the function that I need for the BIOS.

Thanks in advance. Big Grin
Hi all,

Anyone able to help please? I really need this.

Thanks in advance.
Can anybody unlock this bios, open the advanced hidden menu ,make it can boot from UEFI!ty
the official bios is too big that I can't post it there,we can get it at
Hi all,

I need help....

2-3 Years ago, I bought may Acer Laptop Aspire 4750G.
- intel core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz, turbo boost up to 2.9 GHz
- Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 2 GB, intel HD graphics family
- Memmory ram 8 GB.
- Windows 7 Home premium Service pack 1 64-bit.
- Nvidia optimus

I have been playing old games. But recently I found out that it may be the whole 2-3 years I use my laptop, it never use the GeForce. That may explain some lags when playing certain games. With newer games that provides benchmark, the report always shows that they are testing it using intel HD Graphics family. Never use the GeForce.

New games always lag or not working at all. The Nvidia optimus didn't switch to GeForce in hard/heavy games. I don't know why.

Numerous info scattered in websites/forums. Suggest maximum power or manual right click "run with graphic card" or change the GeForce as default in nvidia control center.

None is work.
- I plugged my laptop on AC power, with maximum power settings
- Changed global settings in nvidia control panel to use the GeForce as preferred graphic card
- Right click game and choose run with graphic processor - Nvidia --> Doesn't work.
- Regardless of all heavy games I run, Nvidia GPU activity: none
- DxDiag shows intel HD not GeForce.
- My GeForce is up to date.
- Disable Intel HD graphic card will give me black screen, no display.

Basically I don't know how to activate the GeForce manually or automatically. Start to wondering is the nvidia optomus is there? How to know if I even have this technology, regardless the sticker on my laptop and the 2 nvidia icons (green logo - control panel and dark box with dots, showing Nvidia GPU activity)

After searching infos on the internet. I found out that you should be able to choose what VGA card you are using from BIOS.

My BIOS seem to be an old version, No option to boot my windows with Nvidia from the BIOS.

So my question is, how can I use my GeForce?
The warranty is over, I didn't know my laptop didn't use the nvidia card this whole time.

Should I update my Bios? Which makes me asking the second question.
Which one I should install? What should I do before intall it?

My BIOS is
BIOS Version/Date : Phoenix Technologies Ltd. V1.23, 4/28/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.6

I tried to look in:

And it confuses me. Why with the latest date, the version number is getting smaller.

Acer BIOS 1.24 - 7.8 MB - 2012/12/26
Acer BIOS 2.19 - 8.0 MB - 2012/04/30
Acer BIOS 2.17 - 7.9 MB - 2012/04/10

Do I have to install all?

Then as I keep searching, I found article that BIOS can be moded. And directs me to ask in this forum.

So, should I update or I only need my BIOS modded?
I'm a newbie by the way. Please help me. Smile

Thank you for your time and your help.
I did an update, my BIOS now is version 2.13.

But.. the VGA option in BIOS only two:
- Intel
- Switchable

And it still didn't use the nvidia card after I choose the 2nd one.

I should have and choose an option for only using the nvidia right? Which is not there...
Hi Purpleheart,

I would try the BIOS update directly to the latest version Acer BIOS 2.19 - 8.0 MB - 2012/04/30 that you referenced earlier. Is the card external or onboard? Oftentimes the driver plays a pretty heavy role in these types of setups, what version are you using?

Hi TheWiz,

Thanks for your response.

I just updated my BIOS again, now it's version 2.19.

I believe the card is onboard.

The full specs of my laptop:
- intel core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz, turbo boost up to 2.9 GHz
- Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 2 GB and intel HD graphics family
- Memory ram 8 GB.
- Windows 7 Home premium Service pack 1 64-bit.
- Nvidia optimus

After the BIOS update. The option is still the same:
Graphic: - Integrated
- Switchable

Please help me. Thanks Smile
As for your BIOS question, this post...

...describes that Acer did a revision change for Win8. Basically, they started back at 1.xx for Win8. If I recall, win8 requires the bios to store the Win8 serial (I could be wrong), so maybe this is why the major revision change. If I were you, I would stick to the 2.xx firmware!
is there someone can help me to modify ACER Aspire 4750 BIOS for me please..
I need to make my video memory to minimum 512.
My VGA is Intel HD graphic 3000, RAM 4 Gb.

BIOS link: BIOS Acer, Supports Cypress touchpad, V.2.15, 11.4 MB, 2012/01/16

BIOS setup screenshoot as attached file.

Thanks in advance,
Hello jenzyx,

I will take a look at your BIOS for what can be unlocked.
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