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Full Version: Lenovo B570e CPU whitelist removal
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Try this mod at own risk, this should allow you to use Ivy Bridge CPU's, might also allow your 2520m to work - I have implemented my own Lenovo's microcode module, so it should add:

Sandy Bridge (i3/i5/i7-2***)
Ivy Bridge (i3/i5/i7-3***)

Please report back

Well. I flashed this SandyIvy BIOS and the system does not boot any more with the Celeron B810. I guess it should.
Yes, so now Ivy bridge CPU's should now work, It WILL work with i5-3210M as that is the CPU in my Lenovo, but any ivy bridge CPU should do
i5-2520M does not boot either. You say Ivy bridge should do?
I assume there is no practical way to return the original BIOS? Do you have the same Intel HM65 chipset in your Lenovo?
It's bette to get Always an Bios Backup !
Next time use this tool run It as Admin and upload the result file for us :

Or better to use an HW SPI Programmer to make Full Dump Firmware !

P.S. if Laptop don't Boot only SPI PGM can do this job and We need to read firmware before !
Yes I have HM65, but sorry it will only boot with an Ivy CPU
Intel HM75 CPU compatibility list

Intel Core i3 Mobile
i3-3110M - AV8063801032800
i3-3110M - AW8063801032700 / AW8063801211101
i3-3110M, 2.4 GHz, L3 3 MB
i3-3120M - AW8063801111700
i3-3120M, 2.5 GHz, L3 3 MB
i3-3130M - AV8063801111900
i3-3130M - AW8063801111500
i3-3130M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2.6 GHz
i3-3130M - AW8063801111500
i3-3130M, 2.6 GHz, L3 3 MB
i3-3217U - AV8063801058401
i3-3217U, 1.8 GHz, L3 3 MB
i3-3227U - AV8063801119500
i3-3227U, 1.9 GHz, L3 3 MB
i3-3229Y - AV8063801378000
i3-3229Y, 1.4 GHz, L3 3 MB

Intel Core i5 Mobile
i5-3210M - AV8063801032502
i5-3210M, L3 3 MB, BGA package, Turbo 3.1 GHz
i5-3210M - AW8063801032301
i5-3210M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 3.1 GHz, micro-PGA package
i5-3230M - AV8063801110901
i5-3230M, L3 3 MB, BGA package, Turbo 3.2 GHz
i5-3230M - AW8063801208001
i5-3230M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 3.2 GHz, micro-PGA package
i5-3317U - AV8063801058002
i5-3317U, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2.6 GHz
i5-3320M - AV8063801031900
i5-3320M - AW8063801031700 / BX80638I53320M
i5-3320M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 3.3 GHz
i5-3337U - AV8063801129900
i5-3337U, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2.7 GHz
i5-3339Y - AV8063801433100
i5-3339Y, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2 GHz
i5-3340M - AV8063801110700
i5-3340M - AW8063801110300 / BX80638I53340M
i5-3340M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 3.4 GHz
i5-3360M - AV8063801031102
i5-3360M - AW8063801031002 / BX80638I53360M
i5-3360M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 3.5 GHz
i5-3380M - AV8063801110100
i5-3380M - AW8063801109500 / BX80638I53380M
i5-3380M, L3 3 MB, Turbo 3.6 GHz
i5-3427U - AV8063801057801
i5-3427U, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2.8 GHz
i5-3437U - AV8063801119300
i5-3437U, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2.9 GHz
i5-3439Y - AV8063801378103
i5-3439Y, L3 3 MB, Turbo 2.3 GHz

Intel Core i7 Mobile
i7-3517U - AV8063801057605
i7-3517U, L3 4 MB, Turbo 3 GHz
i7-3520M - AV8063801028803
i7-3520M - AW8063801028703
i7-3520M, L3 4 MB, Turbo 3.6 GHz
i7-3537U - AV8063801119700
i7-3537U, L3 4 MB, Turbo 3.1 GHz
i7-3540M - AV8063801109800
i7-3540M - AW8063801108900
i7-3540M, L3 4 MB, Turbo 3.7 GHz
i7-3610QM - AW8063801013511
i7-3610QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.3 GHz
i7-3612QM - AV8063801130704
i7-3612QM, L3 6 MB, BGA package, Turbo 3.1 GHz
i7-3612QM - AW8063801130504
i7-3612QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.1 GHz, micro-PGA package
i7-3615QM - AV8063801013612
i7-3615QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.3 GHz
i7-3630QM - AW8063801106200
i7-3630QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.4 GHz
i7-3632QM - AV8063801152700
i7-3632QM, L3 6 MB, BGA package, Turbo 3.2 GHz
i7-3632QM - AW8063801152800
i7-3632QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.2 GHz, micro-PGA package
i7-3635QM - AV8063801106500
i7-3635QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.4 GHz
i7-3667U - AV8063801057405
i7-3667U, L3 4 MB, Turbo 3.2 GHz
i7-3687U - AV8063801119903
i7-3687U, L3 4 MB, Turbo 3.3 GHz
i7-3689Y - AV8063801378203
i7-3689Y, L3 4 MB, Turbo 2.6 GHz
i7-3720QM - AV8063801013210
i7-3720QM - AW8063801013116 / BX80638I73720QM
i7-3720QM, L3 6 MB, Turbo 3.6 GHz
i7-3820QM - AV8063801012807
i7-3820QM - AW8063801012708 / BX80638I73820QM
i7-3820QM, L3 8 MB, Turbo 3.7 GHz
i7-3840QM - AV8063801104100
i7-3840QM - AW8063801103800 / BX80638I73840QM
i7-3840QM, L3 8 MB, Turbo 3.8 GHz

Intel Mobile Celeron Dual-Core
1000M - AW8063801120200
1000M, 1.8 GHz, L3 2 MB
1007U - AV8063801118700
1007U, 1.5 GHz, L3 2 MB
1020M - AW8063801443700
1020M, 2.1 GHz, L3 2 MB
1037U - AV8063801442900
1037U, 1.8 GHz, L3 2 MB

Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile
2020M - AW8063801033501 / AW8063801211202 / AW8063801539300
2020M, 2.4 GHz, L3 2 MB
2030M - AW8063801120500 / AW8063801208800
2030M, 2.5 GHz, L3 2 MB
2117U - AV8063801058800
2117U, 1.8 GHz, L3 2 MB
2127U - AV8063801119100
2127U, 1.9 GHz, L3 2 MB
2129Y - AV8063801377901
2129Y, 1.1 GHz, L3 2 MB
(04-19-2015, 01:27 PM)BDMaster Wrote: [ -> ]It's bette to get Always an Bios Backup !

Sure I have backups. Or actually three backups. The one I uploaded here, one by LosSantosPro which worked with my B810. I also have a backup done with BACKUP_Tools12.

Just a little difficult to use the backups when the system does not boot. SPI PGM looks to take quite some time. Might be difficult to use with a laptop in practice.

I might buy one of those Ivy bridges. LosSantosPro: You have the same chipset and a working Lenovo laptop with this BIOS. Can you see any reason why an Ivy bridge would't boot in my laptop now that I have the same BIOS? Are there anything else in the BIOS which were not flashed with the image you sent? I remember flashing said something about a couple of things which were not flashed. I guess Windows may want re-activation.
(04-19-2015, 01:46 PM)LosSantosPro Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I have HM65, but sorry it will only boot with an Ivy CPU

I found this from Intel forums:
It does look possible that i5-3210M works with this BIOS. Wattage is also the same 35W as in my original B810.
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