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Full Version: Lenovo B570e CPU whitelist removal
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Should work fine
You're lucky as when You will to recover your Laptop You cna use that Bios Backup with
SPI PGM to rebuild your Firmware and rewrite It back to get working machine Wink !!!
My laptop did not boot with i5-3210M. I sort of guessed that would be the case.
Oh dear, I'm sorry Sad

Might be that you dont have Intel HD 4000 VBIOS in your BIOS (Video for that GPU)
Intel Management Engine version is too old.

Sorry again, but you will have to use external programmer to reflash old bios
I took the risk. Not a big problem, I anyway needed a better CPU. I now have a HP ProBook 6560b. I may try recovering Lenovo later but it is more or less useless for me without i5. Are there ways to get the updated VBIOS or Management Engine?
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