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Full Version: RAM Issues
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Hello BIOS MODS folk,

I have been having an issue for a while now and have tried a range of resolutions to no avail. I've turned to searching for help within specialized forums such as your own in order to see if I can receive the help I need from an expert.

I have 8GBs of RAM (4 x 2GB {DDR3 1333 DIMM CL9}).
When all four sticks are installed I receive only 4GB as the other four are "HARDWARE RESERVED". I have swapped the sticks around, ran memory tests from both the BIOS and a third party application (memtest) which have both indicated no errors.

-one stick (2GB) at a time (POST infinite BEEP, won't proceed)
-two sticks (4GB) at a time (Boots and shows proper 4GB)
-three sticks (6GB) at a time (Boots and shows only 4GB)
-four sticks (8GB) at a time in different orientation (Boots and shows 4GB RESERVED)

After searching for an answer online I have came across many forums stating to 'uncheck' the maximum memory field within the [msconfig>boot>advanced settings] tab. This was already unchecked, yet was checked and unchecked again just for solidity.

Another issue they suggested was that my BIOS was out of date. This is why I am here to ask for help on how I would go about properly updating my BIOS (Please prodive steps including backing up if necessary) since I have yet to ever do this on a personal machine. I only have experience with Imaging machines. I understand that if this is not the case then hardware failure is the cause and this puppy has ran its toll for a good 7 years.

-Computer Model: Gateway DX4831 (Using Stock MB / CPU / GPU / RAM)
-BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. P01-A0, 17/11/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.6
-RAM: Transcend 4 x (2G DDR3 1333 DIMMCL9)

**If any more information is needed I will be monitoring my post hourly in hopes of help or advice. Thank you and I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! **
Tell S-spec of your CPU. And post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z.
OK. S-spec is SLBLC.
Post a foto of main page in BIOS. And post a screenshot (or a foto) with showing "4GB RESERVED".
With four DIMMs!
What exactly do you need a photo of, my BIOS screen?
Yes, I need a foto of main (product information) page in BIOS.
(12-28-2015, 03:38 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I need a foto of main (first) page in BIOS.

Another issue I have is when I turn my computer on it starts maybe 1/10 the times. It won't do the initial beep to POST. It will just boot and become idle black screen and my RGB peripherals go all wonky with weird colors. I'm going to shutoff and try to boot into BIOS it may take me sometime. BRB
OK. Try to flash new version of BIOS.
It looks like the BIOS only recognizes 4GBs. And if I do a reflash will I have to backup any data stored on my HDD? or are there any complications I may run into being this will be my first time doing this procedure. Thank you
OK, as I thought.
HDD backup isn't necessary. But UPS is recommended. Download, unzip and read readme.pdf. Then run WINflash.bat.
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