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Full Version: Vostro 5470 - BIOS Recovery
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Hello good day.

I apologize for my terrible English, and I appreciate all the help.

I have a Dell Vostro 5470 notebook, and when I tried to update the BIOS A12, to computer restarted and then not called, just a black screen, and the power LED.

I read some threads here in the forum teaching a BIOS Recovery. My BIOS it seems is a Phoenix Technologies. But the information is to use certain key combinations to trigger the reading of USB.

I've tried almost all and none worked, FN + B, ALT + B, R + FN, FN + ESC, hold the END and then connect the ac adapter.

Neither did the led of stick work.

And also the BIOS you had before was the A08, the same as now I try to do the recovery, but when I extract the EXE files, I have the following:

BIOS.cap - 7,193Kb
BIOS_BIOS.bin - 6.656Kb

Following the steps of the Recovery BIOS, I tried using the WINCRIS and managed to create the bootable USB stick, but when I use the Phoenix ToolKit to verify the name that should be renamed the BIOS file, I get the following message:

Pubkey and marker (2.1) (DELL QA09) (x2)

I did not understand where I find the name it should have the BIOS file, in accordance with paragraph 3.

I completely lost my 5470 became a useless stone, and from what I'm reading seems to me to be able to recover through the flash drive recovery. But can not find the correct combination of keys to perform this action, nor found any returned procedure for the Vostro 5470.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you so much!
Hi, I have the same problem that you.

But, may be that this link will help you:

For me, when the recovery process is initialised, it show: "Error 100 - Invalid BIOS Image!".

I believe this is a result that I was not using the correct name of the BIOS image. I also tried use Phoenix tool kit, but I get the same result that you. Thus, I also need help.

(Do you speak Portuguese?)