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Full Version: Lenovo ThinkCentre - i946GZ support for E5200
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I have an old ThinkCentre desktop with (what I guess is) a custom Lenovo motherboard and bios.

Currently it has an E2140 that I was planning to upgrade to an E5200. I've popped the processor in, the system started up, I was happy! But then it got stuck at the full-screen logo and I was no longer happy.
Some research led me to believe that the newer CPU microcode isn't supported as this particular CPU model was released after the latest BIOS update for the board.

Can you please mod this bios for me so that I can do my upgrade? Thank you in advance!

BIOS link:

What happens: the system starts up but doesn't boot, it doesn't get past the Lenovo full screen logo.

I've attached a screenshot from AIDA64 with the old CPU (E2140) and its CPUID.

The spec for the new CPU (E5200) is SLAY7 and its microcode seems to be 10676 according to this link.
946GZ chipset doesn't support CPUs with 45-nm core.
Post a screenshots of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z. And I need a model and a type (e.g. ThinkCentre M55e (type 9642)).
Install old CPU and disable logo in BIOS for POST messages. BIOS->Startup->Power On Logo->Disabled
And then try to boot new CPU again.
Here's the screenshot that you've asked for.
Unfortunately, I don't know the exact model.
I'll try to do the changes that you've said and I'll post back.
Find Product Name & Serial Number
The serial number is printed on the side or back of your machine. If the Machine Type model information is needed, it is located just right next to the serial number