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Full Version: HP Z600 & Xeon 5600 Series
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I could really use some help on this one and HP doesnt seem to offer much info online.

Apparently there are a bunch of different Z600 models and all of these manuals seem to say something different. With the new Bio 3.57, the 56xx were suppose to get the microcodes injected. At least i thought so. Wont boot with 2 working 5650s even with the latest bios

Ive attached CPUz along with the bios file. I dont know if these HP Bios are even possible to make an changes but ill take even a glimmer of hope at this point. Let me know if i can get anyone any more information. Any help is greatly appreciated.
What happens when you try to boot with 5650s? Any beeps or messages on the screen?
no beeps, no nothing. Before the bios update, the 2 80mm fans would go max after about 10 sec but after the update they stay on low. Saw that as some progress i guess. Tried out multiple monitors, dvi and hdmi. Nothings posting
OK, tell S-spec of 5650s. And try to boot with one CPU only & only one DIMM per memory channel.
SLBV3 for both

Holy Jesus! Ok, so it boots with 1 cpu and 1 dimm but i get an error on the second dimm in the other bank. i know its good. they were all working with the 5550s. Its reading it as a 5650 as well.
Your almost my savior DB. It wont do anything once i put that second cpu in.

I swapped cpus just to make sure both are good and it posted again. Ill get back at it tomorrow. Thank for you help DB and i look forward to troubleshooting , solving and hopefully helping others.
I found the topic with the same problem and cool article with more information. The reason of problem is a bootblock code, it can not be changed by BIOS update. Your motherboard's revision has old bootblock with date 1/30/2009, so you can't use Xeon 5600 Series in dual more.
P.S. Your BIOS has microcode for your SLBV3 with CPUID=206C2: version - 1A, date - 06/17/2013.
Good articles and thanks for your time. I'll stick with the 2 quad cores. I'm guessing there's no way to mod a bootblock?
Many people tried to modify a bootblock (even with hardware programmer) without success.
I thank you for your help again. Rev 3 boards are running about 175-200 in the US. Not worth it for what system will be used for. Time to sell these 5650s.
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