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Full Version: Acer Aspire v3-731 CPU Upgrade from Intel Pentium B940 to Intel i5 2450M
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Hello everyone, I received this laptop for my birthday but I found the CPU a little slow it was an Intel Pentium running at 2.20 GHz , I had an old Toshiba laptop that contained an Intel i5 2450M running at 2,5GHz and could be ru to 3,0 GHz in turbo mode , so I made the changes. The laptop runs very well . Now I 'd like to know if I could flashed the bios to access advanced options and make the bios cpu running to these 3.0 GHz because at the moment the CPU has only runs 2.5GHz because of no options in BIOS. In my Toshiba BIOS i could change options in BIOS to enable Turbo mode or not. I dont know if motherboard provide much volts to make run the cpu in Turbo mode. Also i dont know what kind of bios i have (AMI, Award, Phoenix, etc...) If someone could help i would be happy.

PS: Sorry for this bad english but im French and i found only this great website talking much about bios upgrade.
If i didn't post in right forum im sorry aswell because i didn't found where to post.

Thanx guys,
Greetings, EvowZ.
Did your load defaults values in BIOS after CPU upgrade? Do it!
Download Coreinfo, run it command line and post results.
Then run HWMonitor and intense load CPU with hard tasks. Make and post screenshot of HWMonitor.
Hello i did restore default settings of my BIOS and my CPU is working great at 3.0 GHz now i also take a screenshot of HWMonitor but i didn't understand how to do with Coreinfo i clicked on it and it maked a shortcut on my desktop called Coreinfo64.

Here is screenshot:

Hard task is CPU stress of CPU-Z Software:

HWMonitor screenshots:

and the second one:

PS: Can you explain me how to do with Coreinfo please. I really hope that my BIOS could be flashable Smile

Best regards, EvowZ.
OK. I don't need BIOS editing because your problem has gone.
Ok thanks but could i upgrade my BIOS to obtain more performance?
No, BIOS can't increase CPU performance.
P.S. You can try unlocked version of BIOS.
Hi, which post i could follow? Because i see multiple post about BIOS unlock. By the way i saw i have to press fn key + f1 or f2 but the keyboard of laptop isn't working anymore so i think i should wait untill the keyboard work Smile

Thanks anyway for you'r helping this computer is awesome now with an i5 instead of Pentium b940 Wink
Hi, ok but it said i have to press fn key + f1 or f2 but the keyboard of the laptop isn't working anymore so should i wait to buy a new keyboard for my latptop?

Anyway thank you mate you really helped me
No, nothing about "fn key + f1 or f2" there.
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