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Full Version: Asus Z10PA-D8 Microcode disable
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I found here this tread

My Motherboard has also the Ami BIOS and i want try these Steps with the HxD.
My Problem is, that my vocabulary is very limited. And i dont know what mask mean.
What i have To do in this case?

I searched in my BIOS 3107 with HxD and found this
F0 06 03 00 72
F1 06 03 00 76
F2 06 03 00 74
And now? Sorry guys, thats the First Time were i Mod a BIOS.
Can anybody Show an example pls.
What's your purpose for modding this BIOS.
Bring Turbo Boost to all Core 2-28-56
Disabling microcode is very dangerous.
In bad cases you will need to find a hardware programmer.
And in this case is it easy?

Edit with HxD and Flash?

Your answer Yes
In that case BIOS wasn't capsulated. And he seems more experienced than you.
To mask this microcode after(!) capsule removing replace bytes
F2 06 03 00 74
F0 06 03 00 76

(that's not right)
No Risk no fun, i want to try it in my own risk. But i want to know what i have to do with
F0 06 03 00 72
F1 06 03 00 76
F2 06 03 00 74
Replace ?
I need a example
First you need to do - remove Aptio Capsule.
1. Open .cap file by UEFITool
2. Right click on AMI Aptio Capsule
3. Choose Extract body...
4. Save as .rom file
Upload it and give the link.
Here the Link of the Body

Datei von laden
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