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Full Version: HP ProBook 4510s update processor
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i have HP ProBook 4510s
i want to update my processor
Is it possible to put one of these processors for my HP ProBook ?

l launcher program CPUID CPU-Z in my notebook

this is e data fileПК.txt

please tell me oll  BIOS microcode for the processor in my HP ProBook 4510s ?

Tell me what the best processors support this HP ProBook 4510s

or list of supported processors ?
This notebook support all dual-core CPU for Socket P. Quad-core CPU aren't supported.
But you can try the motherboard's mod for quad core CPU supporting (without guarantee for success):

[Image: quadcore-pinsy1dm5.jpg]
[Image: sockelt6126e71.jpg]
my notebook support this processor
supports T9600 as the best processor for my notebook ?
This laptop supports T9900.
T9400, T9550, T9600, T9800, T9900 and X9100 are recommended for upgrade.
what is the best processor T9900 or X9100
They are almost the same. X9100 has unlocked multiplier.
thanks for answer
please help me find new version bios to aupate in my hp probook 4510s for unlock options speed up
You has the latest BIOS. Unlocking is offtopic here.
what category in this Forum create me new post for Unlocking Requests bios to speed up processor for example and other options my matheboard
AMI BIOS Unlocking Requests, Unlocked AMI BIOSes, Award BIOS Unlocking Requests or anything else because i understand ?
Try Insyde BIOS Unlocking Requests