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Full Version: Asus P5N-D: Xeon Support
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Hello I have succesfully modded an LGA 775 socket and threw in Xeon processor. I is booting up but there are some instability issues.

I am getting a boot error message "Unknown CPU detected. BIOS update is required to unleash its full power" yet I already have the latest BIOS. I am also gettting occasional BSODs saying "try disabling memory functions such as caching and shadowing in the BIOS or remove recently installed hardware".
I also noticed that Intel Speed Step technology is not working. (If I try enabling it, computer will not boot and I must clear CMOS).

I was told that to fix this I must get a modded bios with microcode for my new xeon processor and microcode for my old LGA 775 processor (just for safety).

I am requesting a modded BIOS so I can hopefully recover functionality of intel speed step and also reduce the BSODs.

Windows 7 64bit --->> (this is as direct a link as I could find, sorry)

I upgraded from IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® Processor 420 (512K Cache, 1.60 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) SL9XP Malay
to a Intel Xeon X5450 3.0 GHz quad core Socket 771 server CPU SLASB 12M/1333 64-bit, 120W, C0 stepping and "Harpertown" core

Can somebody please help me create a modded BIOS? So that my computer is more stable?
I would also appreciate if somebody could give me suggestions of optimal BIOS settings. Thanks!

I do not own a copy of AIDA 64 so I cant provide that screenshot at the moment, but I am sure I can provide more info via other software if needed (such as cpu z).

Please let me know if anybody can help me?

I was just given this page to look at less than an hour ago- and fixed the same/similar problem as you just now.
Add Xeon support to Bios.

Load MMTool, add the patches. Save, Flash.

I got my hands on the AIDA program here is my screen shot. I had provided incorrect CPU stepping.

The image is attached!

Ok Ralcool Ill try that out see what happens!
Somebody please help me!!! I cannot mod it myself because I have Award BIOS and it is not as easy as with AMI BIOS!!! Can anybody help me?
OK , here goes .....

I have discovered that it isn't possible to keep all the existing CPU microcode - the size of this file appears to have to be 130KB or less. When i added micro codes for CPU support and the filesize went above 130kb , the microcodes were not detected correctly.

As a result, this new BIOS only contains the Socket 771 microcodes and none of the Socket 775 microcodes.

If you choose to flash this BIOS , you do so at your own risk. Please see the below screenshot for a "Before and After" comparison of the relevant CPU Microcodes (Extracted from an Asus DSEB-DG motherboard which supports lots of Xeon CPU's included the X5450)

[Image: w079itbq9zl08eifg.jpg]


Hello all, I am new to the site and hope this is correct place for information.I did the mod for the p5n-d socket and bought a x5460 with sticker, I found one person that has modded said boards bios . I used the bios file and flashed bios while c2 e8500 was still in pc. After shutting down I switched processors and tried booting pc, No boot/bios and Fans went nuts, I have read proc fan running full rpm but even the video card fan was nutz. This board was sitting around and I started seeing all the lga771 to lga775 and figured I'd try my luck. Any and all replies will be appreciated. Thanks, Peace.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Give a link to download your mod of BIOS.
Thanks for the reply, I will post once I switch processors
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