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Full Version: [Solved] Intel Desktop Board DP45SG with Xeon (LGA771)
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Please Urgent my PC not loading Windows 64bits

Need Bios Mod Itel DP45SG for Xeon X5460 [Image: qu8o.png]

already tried to do as is using the forums but I can not MMTOOLS

Please urgently need this bios

thank you very much[/color]
Have you ever heard  the Intel boards being modded, I have the SG45DG DP45SG laying around and thought I'd give that a try.
(06-04-2017, 02:33 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]SG45DG?

Intel Mother board SG45DG lga 775
bios link:

Has the bios been modded for this board ?
It's DP45SG, not SG45DG.
BIOS can't be modded but microcode for Xeon can be injected without BIOS editing.
Sorry for the wrong wording, is this something I can do ?
If you'll can boot it with Xeon to native DOS then ask me for help.
OK, I guess you'll need cpuz screens. Thanks...
No. I don't need it.
You should try to boot it with Xeon.
Yes I guess that will be the optimal requirement , Thanks.
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