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Full Version: CPU SUPPORT XEON FOR M7720
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So I just bought a Xeon x5660 for my Acer Aspire M7720. It doesn't even boot to post BIOS, no beeps or whatsoever.

Can anyone make this work?

I have AMI R01-A2, but I cannot find this bios version anywhere. If you can add the support for another bios, like A3 or A4, I will update my bios to that version.

Thanks in advance.
Please tell sSpec of your X5660.
Try to flash BIOS R01.A3 or R01.A4.
BTW: R01.A2 for download.

Update: 32-nm CPUs aren't supported by all these BIOS.
I did try to flash it, but with the Bios Update page on this site I couldn't update the BIOS. There were no 3 files on the USB Flash drive. I tried it like 3 times.
Maybe I just need to flash it with the M7720 mod that is already unlocked.
(07-09-2017, 05:09 AM)hadilanordan Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe I just need to flash it with the M7720 mod that is already unlocked.
No, it will not help for supporting 32-nm CPUs.
BTW: readme.pdf in is useful for BIOS updating.
What I meant was just flashing it with that BIOS and maybe, just maybe I could OC my i7 920 just a lil' bit and try to sell the X5660.
(07-09-2017, 06:12 AM)hadilanordan Wrote: [ -> ]...just maybe I could  OC my i7 920  just a lil' bit...
Read this topic -
Just read it, maybe I should just leave it like this. And if it doesn't work anymore I'll just put together a system where I pick the parts myself.
Thanks for your answers, much appreciated!
Hy together,

i have exact the same problem - did we have some Members they already geht the ACER M7720 working with a XEON ?

i found online an CPU-Z Screen with Acer FX58M Board and a Xeon CPU on it
(have to search it again ... Sad .. i think i read R01.A3 as BIOS ... i will check)

thanks for help
I think it was Xeon 5500 series.
so you think there will be no chance to get an X5660 work on this Board ? ..
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