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Full Version: Xeons 5600 series & Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
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hi I have a gigabyte EX58-UD3R rev 1.6 running the latest FK bios but it has no support for my xeon x5667 which I bought to upgrade from my i7 920. The idea of upgrading is that the x5667 has a higher multiplier and should overclock with less voltage than an i7 950.
However the xeons I bought dont seem to overclock at all and theres a overclock failure message everytime I start the pc as the cpu isnt supported by gigabyte.

If possible could someone add x5667 support with microcode(or whatever is required)?
If its easy I'd also appreciate added microcode for the rest of the x56xx series for the next guy who stumbles on this thread, it would also give me the opportunity to update to a cheap 6 core in the future.
Tell sSpec of your Xeon.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with native CPU.
What happens when you try to boot with X5667 (with defaults settings)?
Ok I'll do that when I get back later. I bought two of these CPUs so know it shouldn't be a faulty cpu but don't want to keep taking apart this pc as I need it running most the time anyway and it's a pain to take apart as I need to remove the mobo from the case to gain access to the backplate and fitting a massive scythe mugen 2 isn't easy anyway.
I have a very poorly shot cpu z camera photo but I'm assuming this is no use till I get proper screenshots later
OK, but where is a photo of first tab?
I can't help if you don't answer all my questions.
(01-29-2017, 08:16 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]OK, but where is a photo of first tab?
I can't help if you don't answer all my questions.

Sorry mate I'm not intentionally ignoring you i was just out and trying to add as much as I could.
The espec of my x5667 xeons are both SLBVA, a cpu photo and cpu-z screenshot is also attached.

Everytime I boot an x5667 cpu the system start after a long delay then gives an error screen saying theres been an overclocking failure and that the cpu has been set to default speeds which is read at 3333mhz. Even if I save these default settngs and reboot or overclock I get the same overclocking failure message. This isnt a bad cmos battery and bios settings are saved with my i7 920.
Install X5667, boot up, enter in BIOS, do Load Defaults, save and reboot.
Enter in BIOS again.
Make & show photos of screens in BIOS with all voltage & speed setting.
The x5667 seems to work in its default state but gives the boot failure warning whenever I change the multiplier or bclk the warning is after changing the BCLK from 133 to 134.
Try to flash previous versions of BIOS.
I downgraded from fk to the previous fj18 bios version no changes.
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