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Full Version: Help for XPS17 L702X
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I understand, you do not want to explain the procedure as if it were a state secret, do not want to help me to make sure even modded bioses, I know you do not owe me anything but honestly I can not understand the purpose of this forum. I just want to help others with my same problem, and this should be the purpose of a community, with this close and no more trouble and thanks again for helping me
You can get to the bottom of things by comparing original and modded files.
Or hire someone to do it instead of you.
I told you that I hit my head for months and I also compared the two files with hxd.
if I try to replace the microcodes from the start address I get a checksum different from what it should be and if i flash a bios with a checksum know.
and I do not know anyone able to do what you did, I shot all the internet and I.R.L.
You can try to hire me. Smile
Make an offer in private messages.
I've done it! Thank you for giving me the right stimuli and for providing me with material to work on, you have a strange way of motivating people!
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