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Full Version: [REQUEST] Acer Predator G3610 Ivy Bridge Support
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History: Tried replacing i5-2300 with i7-3770K machine gave 4 short beeps and refused to display anything. I popped my old CPU back in and started googling and whining on other forums and apparently for order to have sandy bridge ivy bridge compatibility I needed to update my bios. Acer had some bios file but they spat out "rom file does not match existing bios size" and 1 hour of googling later someone said they changed the board revision number or some crap and then on a chinese puppeteering forum someone directed me here saying that ask them you "just" need to add microcode to your bios. I used some program called AFUWIN.exe which came on those acer bios update files and used "@ECHO OFF AFUWIN ..\ROM\ copy.ROM /O" which in my understanding made a file of my BIOS hopefully to fill the requirements on the forum readme. I am very sorry if I caused any potential person who opened this thread a headache and burn me at the stake if you deem worthy.
CPU spec code: SR0PL
Computer serial number PTSG6E21221410069D1800
I also attached everything I deemed remotely helpful from CPU-Z
1. Use Rufus to make DOS USB stick.
2. Download Intel ME System Tools v7 r2
3. Copy all files from folder \Intel ME System Tools v7 r2\Flash Programming Tool\DOS to DOS USB stick.
4. Boot from DOS USB stick and run:
fpt -d backup.rom
5. Make a photo of result.
6. Give me backup.rom
Please don't say I'll have to go off and buy something.
Copy fparts.txt from Intel ME System Tools v8 r3\Flash Programming Tool\DOS to your DOS USB stick.
And try to read dump again.
At least it's a different error code this time
fpt -me -d me.bin
fpt -desc -d desc.bin
I need files: me.bin & desc.bin
It didn't give me me.bin :/
Copy Intel ME System Tools v7 r2\MEInfo\DOS\MEInfo.exe and run it.
Show the result.
The image looks off because it displayed the info in 2 pages so I hastily combined 2 pictures together
Your motherboard has soldered BIOS chip: W25Q32BV with 4MB size.
[Image: 0_big.jpg?]
(look at the bottom left corner)

This BIOS chip contains 2MB BIOS region & 1,5MB ME region. ME version is ME region is write protected.
All of AMI BIOS with support for Ivy Bridge core have 3MB BIOS region & 1,5MB ME region with version is 8.x.x.x. it requires BIOS chip with 8MB size.
So you can't solve your problem without hardware modification.
Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPUs.
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