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Full Version: [REQUEST] Adding TurboBoost on all cores XEON QYEN E5-2650v3
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Good evening!
I'm very sorry, if my English is unintelligible (I'm using Google Translate)

My friends from closing Costa Rica's Intel Research Center sent me two INTEL XEON QYEN E5-2650v3 L0 stepping
I bought ASUS motherboard: ASUS Z10PA-D8
All good! It works fine!
But some days ago I have read about opportunity to add TurboBoost support to all cores.

So I mod. my bios, so the first step is done;
But when I want to add EFI patch - it does't adding and wrote: Wrong CPU.

1) How can I add TurboBoost support for my configuration of system?
2) I think I should do smth with v3.EFI but what should I do?

VK (RUS lang.)
v3.EFI (ENG)

Can you help me?

Thank you very much and sorry for my English, I speak by heart.

P.S. I will answer on all your qwestion and send anything you need.
P.P.S. Please, don't close this post - I will do anything you say.
Post TXT-report of CPU-Z with this ES Xeon on Asus Z10PA-D8.
I'm not at home, so I will upload TXT later