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Full Version: [Request] Xeon Microcode support for Pegatron IPMTB-TK
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I'd like to request bios microcode support for x58 Xeons on this (Asus) Pegatron IPMTB-TK board from an HP e9180t.

Current CPU: i7 920

Desired CPU: Xeon x5675

SPEC code (Xeon): SLBYL

OS: Currently Windows 7 SP1 (may move to W10 in the future following EOL support for W7)

Bios Link:

When I turn on the PC with the Xeon CPU, all the systems seem to power on but I don't get any display out at all. Fans spin on both CPU and GPU, and will continue to spin indefinitely until I power the machine off, but no display ever shows.


I suspect the HP z400 workstation has a motherboard that is similar, or may have the necessary microcode but I'm not sure about that at all. I only suspect this to be the case because the z400 is an HP OEM workstation that supports x58 Xeons by default. FWIW, you can find the z400 bios here.

If anything else is needed (or I missed something), let me know and I'll see if I can get it.
Try to flash this mod.
Just to be clear, since this is new to me, I should follow the tutorial for flashing this to my machine via a DOS CD flash?
I make mods only. I'm not a tutor for flashing.
What, no, sorry, I was simply asking if that's what I should do. I saw the tutorial section below. Didn't mean for it to come across like a request for a step by step guide.

By the way, Thanks! I'll stop back in once I get this flashed and give a status update.
Did you already success update the bios and support intel xeon processor?

I have the same problem, my motherboard pegatron x58 and i want to use xeon X5680 processor and then it wont work, my computer wont boot and blank screen
Post a screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
My cpu z same with abphinsom, motherboard x58 ipmtb-tk from Hewlett packard
Did you tried to flash my mod?
Same i dont know how to flash it, can you show me the article how to flash your mod? I want to try it, i really appreciate your work
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