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Full Version: Request for EPoX AF 590 SLI G2
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I´m new and english isn´t my friend - so I´m sorry if I did something wrong or if you find some mistakes... Shy

I´m a proud user of the EPoX AF590-SLI/G2. I´ve got an older 3rd Party BIOS for this board - but i couldn´t check it yet. AND: No one could tell me, which CPU i could use after the BIOS update! Huh

Now i have the money for a new CPU - and i´ve read, that some 590 Board´s really do support AM3 CPU´s. It would be great if i could use Phenom II CPU´s, because it was wothless to try a Phenom I - it´s not that much more power for the risk I have with the update... (As you know: This board is very rare - i´ve got mine from the US! Used! But OK Big Grin)

So my questions are:
Can you great a BIOS for my Board? What CPU´s should be supported? Can you make me a BIOS-Chip? Is it true, that you have to change the CPU DIRECT after the Update, because otherwise the CPU or/and the board will be damaged?

Thank you very much! Big Grin

EDIT: By the way: IS it possible to get the BIOS LOGO (the EPoX AF590 Logo) out of that file? I really wanted to have that picture - but i couldn´t find it anywhere...
Il try and add some Phenom support into the bios but theres no way of saying whether it will work or not!

According to the AGESACPU.ROM located in your current bios , there are references to the following CPU's which can be correctly identified

AMD Engineering SampleAMD ProcessorDual-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 12Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 22Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 82Mobile AMD Sempron™ Processor AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor AMD Sempron™ Processor AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Processor AMD Athlon™ 64 FX-AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology MK-AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-00 MHz00+ Processor EE HE SE Q Dual Core Processor

There is hardly any microcode loaded into this bios , i can add some but first i would try and get hold of a phenom to borrow before you go and buy one just in case the mod doesnt work

You try this mod at your own risk!

There is no guarantee Phenoms will work until you put one in and try :S


Thank you very much! I´ll try it. It could take a while - but i´ll send you a massage.

But I still have some questions: Is it true that I can´t use my 5600+ with this BIOS?

Is it possible to get the logo out of the BIOS?

How can I help your site? Are you OK with donations?

Thanks a lot!
Donations are most welcome! There is a link at the top of the page Smile

When you say get the logo OUT , do you mean remove it , or extract it so you end up with it as an image file?

Epox's website isnt very helpful but the bios does say
Quote:Enhancements & Fixes for this beta BIOS release. 1. Support AM2 65nm CPU.

The X2 5600+ is a AM2 65nm CPU , therefore you would expect it to work


Quote:Donations are most welcome! There is a link at the top of the page Smile
Quote:When you say get the logo OUT , do you mean remove it , or extract it so you end up with it as an image file?
I want to have the Logo as a file - I know how to disable it. I can´t find it on the net... Sad

Quote:The X2 5600+ is a AM2 65nm CPU , therefore you would expect it to work

Sorry Angel - Maby I shoud have said: "Does the CPU still works after your Update?" (Or do I have to put the Phenom (I or II) first).

Thank you very much - I´ll go check the donation site now Big Grin

EDIT: gnjkasngkasl Undecided Note for me: FIRST get money to PayPal, THEN try to donate... (... so... I´ll do the first step now...) Big Grin
Heres the Logo Smile

As for whether the CPU will still work it depends whether the board which we took the microcode out of to replace the microcode in your bios supports your cpu or not. If the bios we take it out of supports the 5600+ and Phenom then your original cpu will still work Smile


As you can see, I´ve send you some $$... I know it´s not much, but I´m a student (studens never have money Sad ).

Thank you for the LOGO! Big Grin

If the Phenom I´ll get next month (student.... Sad ) works correct, I´ll make a post here...


(11-17-2010, 04:50 PM)all_trash Wrote: [ -> ]If the Phenom I´ll get next month (student.... Sad ) works correct, I´ll make a post here...

Hello there!

I finaly bought a Phenom II X4 3,0 GHz 95W. Should be here in some Days :-)

I´ll write if it works correct - or even if it doesn´t...

See ya!

Hello again!

So for the start: It doesn´t work.

I made the BIOS Update - it worked! Even with my old X2 5600+....

So I tooked the Phenom in AND..... Nothing... So at the moment I have to check the EPoX Site for a LEDION code (EPoX Mainboards do have a LED diagnostic system). I´ve never seen that code and even in the manual this code isn´t named or something... Huh

Whatever "Ad" means - the normal Codes starts with "CX".... C0 or C1.....

So it might take some time untill i know why it doesn´t work... Dodgy

Do you want to make me an other BIOS while waiting ? Angel

I´m going to write you what happens here.


OK! I give up!

I wrote SUPoX an e-mail... I really don´t know what the Code "Ad" means - maby it just means "Fu*K You and give me a nother CPU dam*t!" Wink

Sorry for that Tongue

It would be OK for me to chance the CPU 1000 times... If I didn´t have to take the hole mainboard outside every time Sad (The Genim II is cool.... but it´s not good if you have to chance the CPU Rolleyes)

See you soon.


PS: Here´s a picture of my PC Big Grin


So just a few words what happens these days:

I tried to get the Phenom work. But I didn´t know what the Postcode "Ad" means...

So SUPoX / EPoX still got an good Support - day send me an answer one Day after my questions! Big Grin

Quote:Dear sir.
The mean is CPU test fail or add Voltage fail.please reinstall CPU or change one.(Ps.The motherboard can't support AM2+& AM3 Series CPU).
I give you a AWARD POST Error Code list to help you .
Also attached please find at the attachment .Thanks!

Best regard!
So that´s what PostCode AD means (the List he send me is the same as the one in the manual.... Confused)

After that I wrote him some more questions and I got this:

Quote:Dear sir.
Following is a summary AWARD BIOS boot code to determine step:
1. Clear CMOS
2. leaving only the CPU (including the CPU fan), motherboard, power supply. after power on, the code will jump from FF to C1, the mean is CPU work. FF, AF code for the CPU add Voltage fail ; F5 code is usually the host power failure.
3. with memory, after power on, the code will jump from the C1 to 7F it mean memory test passed.
4. with graphics card , after power on, will join 25,26,2 b detection, the normal code will be the same time , the display has lighted.

mainBoard power supply can support one phase of about 30W-35W power consumption, the board have 4-phase,it can support 125W CPU, and tested for use. But for a long life, the proposed use of 120W less CPU. In fact AMD6000 + with 89W version CPU,website:
(Note: with the 65nm CPU, you need to upgrade 2006/12/15 version of BIOS support. Download site :
As AM2 + / AM3 CPU family independent of the HT one phase power supply needs, not to design in the early motherboard, so can not support the Phenom or Phenom II series of CPU, if use this series CPU. The frequency will be wrong or does not boot

Please Reference, thank you!

So the last thing happens - it does not boot.

Maby I can check that in the next few days, but it seems that the EPoX AF590 SLI G2 Mainboard is NOT a Phenom I, Phenom II, Athlon II, AM2+ and AM3 Board.

I´m going to check that. Maby I buy myself a Phenom (I) 9750 (4 x 2.4 GHz) - but it shouldn´t work as I understud this e-mail above Sad....


So I´m going to write you in a few days what I do....



PS: A great THANK YOU for the support from SUPoX / EPoX!
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