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Full Version: Fujitsu Siemens D2151-A1 Core 2 Duo E6400 Support
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Nice of fujitsu to post the microcode file in there! Tongue

I need another , preferably similar , fujitsu machine that supports the E6400 really

and these files seemt o be in a really stranfe format and are odd sizes! will have to look intot his further
Figners crossed this is an award or AMI bios

If so you can use this to make a backup

I also discovered an A2 version (You posted a link to the A1 version) , which could possibly be a more recent bios update , still checking though. This bios has a bigger microcode file Smile

Sorry for all the comments but Ignore this new A2 version , its a different revision of the motherboard!

What i can do though if i ever get it open is to take the microcode from A2 and put it in A1 Smile. Its been confirmed that E7400's work in the newer boards (A21 i think) and the A2 bios has more microcode dated 2007 so that should be all thats needed.

Will keep you posted
Actually are you sure you have the right link there? because that download page reads "Released For Scenic D (i810e) and you said that your chipset is i945g?

Sorry for the delay. We seem to be in different timezones Big Grin

The link is working for me. It could be that they use this motherboard in more than one machine. But the link is to a motherboard with a 945G chipset.

If you go to this link and enter the serial number of my computer YBBG050658 you will get a list of all downloadable files for my computer. Choose Windows XP and then you will get a list with drivers and bios files. My computer is a Esprimo P5905.

Thank you very much for the help so far and sorry for my bad english.
(11-29-2010, 07:39 PM)1234s282 Wrote: [ -> ]Figners crossed this is an award or AMI bios

It's a Phoenix Bios according to the documentation.

OK so we have the right file , now i just need to work out HOW to open it!

Please generate a backup of your current bios anyway using although as previously stated this will only work if its an ami or award bios

Great, I will try to run the backup when I get home from work in about 9 hours Big Grin

Will this run in DOS or do you need windows on the machine. I am running this machine as a hackintosh and have only OSX Leopard installed at the moment.
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