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Full Version: Toshiba a215-s7472
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Hi, im requesting an unlocked bios for my toshiba, i posted a thread in which i was asking for any information about a stuck cpu.... anyways is there a way to get an unlocked bios to check if the cpu speed can be fixed ?

i have a toshiba a215-s7472, 3gb ram, bios 2.30 from toshiba website...

a215-s7472 bios

thnx in advanced.
Still checking this out, will report soon.
There was a LOT of hidden advanced settings in this bios - so many that i had to get rid of some of the "less useful" options to get everything to fit. Some funny coding makes the Others Menu only display 5 items :S

Anyway , flash at your own risk , here's a screenshot Smile

[Image: Toshiba%20A215%20v2.30%20Unlocked.png]

thnx dude, i really appreciate it, this is the stock right ? (no slic) anyways ... if i dont report tomorrow it means something went wrong, will replace as soon as i get a CDR, thnx again
well thnx but it didnt work, flashed it but bios is the same, no hidden options or anything ... :/

btw the rom that u sent has as folder name a135 .... but still the rom is alaa230.rom ... going to flash again to see if it goes through....
well... didnt work, can see anything unusual on the bios, reflashed it, i checked it with pbe and emulated it, but still on the pc is not working, stuck @ 800 mhz.... going to remove windows 7 and reinstall vista with recovery disc over the weekend cuz still need the pc this week...

thnx anyway

This is an easily doable mod, it is possible the wrong image was uploaded. I will check with the OR ASAP>

In the ISO, there are two places where BIOS image can be found:-
1) In the boot sector
2) In the ISO - "2444D230.IMA"

The modified BIOS is located in "2444D230.IMA". If using the ISO (burn to a CD) to flash BIOS, BIOS is actually flashed with original file. To flash BIOS with the modified BIOS, will need to extract the "2444D230.IMA" contents or restored it to a floppy disk or USB flash drive. Then flash BIOS using that floppy disk or USB flash drive.
is safe to flash via usb ?
let me try extracting it, because the only room that has the img is the one that is inside the .ima its alaa230.rom, let me try one more time
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