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Full Version: toshiba satellite pro a100 phoenix bios
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You are welcome Smile
well , when i downloaded your bios from the website and extracted the bios files from the main exe one , i have got 2 rom files not one but one of them is larger by few bytes. as i knew the larger file should be the bios.wph file not the bios.rom as the bios.wph file contains the header or the platform too.
so , i can say surely flash with the larger one but if you wasn`t able to flash it for any reason then flash the other smaller file. ( note that the options and menus are unlocked in both files ) Smile
[Image: JEtgr.png]

hi, getting that error on both rom files using either the 32 or 64 bit flasher, tried offline anyway using the crisis and nothing happened Big Grin
well , in fact i have never flashed any moded bios with the win phlash..........i always use phlash16 to flash from dos or use the crisis disk.
concerning the bios image , im 100% that this bios will work well after you flash it. Smile
when you decompress the .zip then extract the .exe file using winrar you will find the two files ( .rom ) not one and i have edited both for you .
it is best to flash your bios in DOS, using Phlash17 on a bootable USB flash drive along with modified bios file. Download Phlash17 from here: 17/Phlash17.rar OR To use phlash17 in DOS, type: ph161700 /x /FORCE /O /C /S <NAME OF BIOS FILE> <ENTER>

please flash from dos and tell me the results Smile im waiting for your reply Smile
ah ha, Big Grin , this works perfectly. phlash17 flashed it in 5 minutes and after a reboot the system complained of tpm problems but removing the cms battery for 10 minutes then restarting cleared that, visualization is enabled and working so thanks.
Nice to hear that Smile are welcome here Smile
has the advanced menu and the display menu appeared or it`s still locked !
just tell me to make sure the mod. bios is working properly as i managed Smile
Frequency ratio , thermal control , processor power management , DTS calibration ,Virtualization and Memory throtteling

^I have virtulization and it works, frequency radio is not there but if that's the internal Bluetooth then I dont have it, thermal control is there, ppm is there, dts is not and memory throttling is not,,,is there a pci-e menu? Big Grin

Edit; Ill post some screen shots as this bios covers lots of models
the frequency ratio is responsible for overclocking the cpu and it seems that the bios checks your cpu type or checks something else before showing this option.
and it seems good that the advanced menu is unlocked.
if you want the frequency ratio , i can mod it again for you. Smile
there are 2 hidden options about pci but i thought you won`t need it.
so , will i unlock the frequency ratio and pci options for or this modified one works great for you!
(06-30-2011, 04:35 PM)AHMED HOSSAM Wrote: [ -> ]there are 2 hidden options about pci but i thought you won`t need it.
so , will i unlock the frequency ratio and pci options for or this modified one works great for you!

thanks, some screens so far;

[Image: Yhxp1.jpg]
[Image: hZrtB.jpg]
[Image: of56F.jpg]
[Image: xJ6RY.jpg]
[Image: JCWB7.jpg]
[Image: XSpBC.jpg]
that`s great Smile thanks alot for uploading these images Smile
also i have just checked the original bios and found that the frequency ratio option is found only as a string no more!!!!! which means there are no routines or subprograms to make it work or even appear Big Grin Big Grin i really wander why they only put the strings no more .
finally , i can say that this mod. bios works great and thanks again for uploading these useful images Smile
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