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Full Version: toshiba satellite pro a100 phoenix bios
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Does this mod enable a AHCI menu?
i`m sorry but there is no ahci options available in this bios .
no hidden option is found in this bios about ahci , also non of the visible options is about the ahci .
Ok. Do you think it would be possible to add ahci in this bios? It is a 945 chipset with ICH7-M/U southbridge.
it`s impossible because Only the ICH7DH, ICH7R, ICH7-M, ICH7-M DH chip have AHCI support. The ICH7 (Base) and ICH7-U (Ultra-mobile) chip do not support AHCI .
so the new option will be useless.
Oh... sorry, my fault. The southbridge is identified as ICH7-M and does support AHCI, but there is no way to change the SATA mode in the BIOS from compatibility (IDE) to AHCI.
i really can`t find the option to set the ahci mode to enabled int his bios. im so sorry for this.
i will post another mod to this bios contain more unlocked options ( 2 pci options ) as soon as possible Smile
Several question:
1. Is Memory throtteling the same as Memory remapping?
2. Is it possible to enable it in this BIOS?
3. Can I do it myself using some tutorial or it requires editing HEX code?
1) No , memory throttling is adjusting if the memory throttle ( slow down at certain conditions ) or not .
2) No options for memory remapping is not available in the bios to unlock .
3) yes , there are tutorials for this but its sure that all the unlocking is done by using hex edit and no tools for automatically unlocking .

thank you
This BIOS update 6.00 can be used in Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-PSAA3E 00G00MSP?
Can this motherboard use 4GB ram? It has the 3GB limit, can a "BIOS hole" option be added for this bios for it to use 4GB RAM? or is it bios limitation?

Also, is it possible to disable the on-broad sound, SD card reader, MMC card reader from CMOS, firewire, Cardbus chip or the IDE interface?

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