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Full Version: Epox mf570sli AM3 support request
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I'd like to request a mod for am3 cpu support for my board, an Epox ep-mf570sli. I found a modded bios for said board in another thread, and it's kind of working, but a lot of the oc options in the bios are missing, for example cpu multiplier option. As a result I'm now running a 965BE with a 4.5multi @ 900 Mhz, with 200Mhz memory speed. which kinda sucks.

So please, if anyone can help me, I'd be grateful
Please try this one, as the one I posted back there is still considered a beta by its author:
(12-14-2009, 02:21 PM)presola Wrote: [ -> ]Please try this one, as the one I posted back there is still considered a beta by its author:

That link takes me to a site where I can't read a thing, and for the life of me, I can't see the file download link
Now that would be Russian Big Grin Here, try this mirror:
Thanks. But that BIOS is giving me the same thing, 900MHz @ 4.5 multi and 180Mhz memory. And no option to change the multi. Unless there are hidden bios options that I can access with a key combination?
I've got friends running 9850BE, 7850BE and 720BE with that BIOS flawlessly, but I didn't happen to check for missing overclocking options. My guess it that 965BE might be a little too new, so a microcode update might be the solution.
Ah, I see. well, any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated :-)
Did the mod say it added microcode?
Yes, it did, according to readme file, the AGESACPU module is version
Well, I can replace with AGESA 3.5, but thats prob not the whole picture, unless its only a lack of agesa and not cpu ids.
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