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Full Version: Epox mf570sli AM3 support request
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Well, any help would be greatly appreciated Big Grin
OK, we are ready to complete this mod, are u in?

I would hope so. Do I need anything fancy? I've heard people talking about extra bios chips. That I don't have.
Well, you can watch the threads with people who do, but so far the regular ones have been OK flashes.

Nothing fancy.

Well if you have something you think will fix the problem then I'll flash.
Well, I jsut submitted a second round of tests, should have yours soon (Hopefully)

Hold on!

Any news on a BIOS update?
I finally made one for you, sorry for the long wait. This has AGESA 3.5, latest MEMINIT, and a 24K CPUCODE table.


EDIT: I found a fully tested version online that updates everything ad full Phenom II support.
Thanks! Big Grin

As soon as I can spare a minute, I'll get right on flashing.


Had a minute.... The good news is, nothing broke...

The bad news is, the cpu is still running 800MHz...

The bios reads my chip as a 965 Phenom2 during post, but the it reads 900MHz and a 4.5x multiplier.

Cpu-z tells me that in windows the cpu is running at 4x multiplier...

So basically there is no change. Undecided

Oh, and there is no option anywhere in the bios to set a different multi.
well, the same bug was reported for one phenom ii 945. and about 15 different phenom ii cpus were reported working fine. i'm at a loss, what is the reason. phenoms 710, 720, 910, 925, 945, 955 and 965 were reported working correctly. still i have 2 bug reports: one 945 and your 965. don't know the cause of such thing.
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