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Full Version: Asus F5VL-AP070 Notebook CPU Support Upgrade Intel T9300
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I'm new on this forum. First of all sorry for my english Smile I'm going to upgrade my F5VL Notebook from T2330 to T9300. I've already bought processor, but after fitting it into socket computer starts but there's only black screen. I have NB SIS 671/FX/DX/MX Rev. 00 and SB SIS 968 Rev. 01 . BIOS is AMI ver. 213 from 12/25/2007.
I couldn't find any cpu support list for this notebook. Is there something I can do about it? Please help me. On some polish forum it is sad that in x50sl on BIOS 308 Penryn cpu are working, T8300 for sure. My BIOS is old, so could someone modify it, or tell my which processors are compatible with my asus?

I added to your bios laptop CPU microcode for t9300. Maybe this will work. Officially F5VL doesnt support t9300 but it wont hurt if you try with my modded bios. Please remember you do it on your own risk.

Your laptop supports CPU for socket p:

Merom-B1 06F5
Merom-E0 06F9
Merom-E1 06FA
Merom-M0 06FD

try finding them in the Internet using their CPU ID.
Thank you so much. T9300 doesn't work, but now I know which cpus workSmile
Could someone tell me if processors on P 800MHz will work for example T7500 SLA44?

T7500 should work. Look for all of them in cpu-world site.

Here is t7500 SLA44:

find CPUID: its 06FAh ==> 06FA

Now you know how to check them by yourself Smile
Thank you Smile
I was checking id on the same site Smile But I'm not sure if my laptop will work with 800MHz FSB. Asus site is useless, I couldn't find any info on any place on internet, but it is possible that it will workSmile I somewhere find info that T7500 was in factory put into F5VL. I have one more question it is important that microcode in BIOS is from 2006 and CPU was released on may 2007 (info from wikipedia, but on is march 2006)? I hate laptops so much Sad
Is anyone here? Here is info from ASUS Technical Support:
Intel Merom T7x00/T5450 Processor up to 667MHz FSB
Intel Celeron M Processor (Merom Based, socket P) (C-M 550/540)

But there aren't any cpu on socket P core 2 duo with fsb 667 there are only 800? Chipset supports 533/667/800/10xx. Will it work?
Hello jaro710j,

T7250 Cpu works, so FSB 800 MHz is no Problem.
But it has to be a Merom-Core, the 'newer' Penryn-Core based Core 2 Duo Mobiles (like T9300) don't work.
Thanks Smile
So you think that t7500 cpu should work?
The T2330 has a CPUID of 06FD
The T9300 has a CPUID of 0676

Raalphs mod above only included 1 microcode entry for 0676 when there are actually 5. Due to a size limit on the amount of free space and microcode that can be put into this BIOS , i have had to remove microcodes for 06F5,06F9,06FA.

If the mod doesn't work with the T9300 , this BIOS still has the 06FD Microcode required for your original T2330 to work.

Here is the modded BIOS that you can try:-

[Image: 8yo0adol3j5izc1fg.jpg]

This download contains 3 files :-

original.rom - Original BIOS
mod.rom - Modded BIOS By Raalph - Supports Merom B1 (06F5) , Merom E0 (06F9) , Merom E1 (06FA) and Merom M0 (06FD)
mod2.rom - Modded BIOS By 1234s282 - Test For T9300 Support, Includes All 0676 Microcodes + Original Merom M0 (06FD)

Flash at your own risk! - It's possible that your CPU requires one of the other 4 microcodes for 0676 CPU's


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