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Full Version: Xeon Support for GA-X58-USB3
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I tried to do the patching on my own, but since it is an AWARD 6.00 bios, I basically lost the overview of
what I need to do and to use the right tools.

Could anybody help me out ? Donation is granted (similar to the last time when I got a nice whiltelist help for a notebook)

bios link:

Current working CPU:
Core i7 950 ( TDP: 130 W )
CPUID 000106A5h
Microcode Update Revision: 19h

Want to install:
Intel Xeon E5645 ( TDP: 80W )

Link to ARK:

Current effect:
No Beeps, but Powering on and off (Fans starting and stopping in a loop).

Could anybody help me out ?
Post the screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z. I need S-spec of your Xeon. Did you verified it on other system?
And please post your own BIOS mod (if exist).
Hi DeathBringer,

Screenshots added to the first post.

I have no own BIOS mod, I am still using the original BIOS mentioned in the first post.
I haven't had a chance to test the Xeon CPU in another mainboard.

S-Spec as printed on the Cap: SLBWZ ( )

Thanks :-)

PS: There is a modded BIOS for my Mainboard, but I don't see any advantages of using that one at the moment. ( )
Post the screenshot of SPD tab of CPU-Z.
Then remove all DIMMs from system and try boot up with i7 950. Post received beep signals.
spd-1.png: Slot 1, 3, 5
spd-2.png: Slot 2, 4, 6

I will do so, but it will take a day or so because I am out of town.

OK. And try boot up system with your E5645 and no memory. Post received beep signals.
P.S. Latest beta BIOS - GA-X58-USB3 - F5f.
Hi Deathbringer,

Haven't heard from any updates after F5C! Thanks!
I will update to that beta version first, then do the POST-Code beeps without Memory on the i7-950 and then with the E5645.

PS: Added the Screenshots to the SPD Settings as well. (post above)
OK. I'm waiting for beep results.

First of all: I don't need any patch at all! The F5f BIOS worked out of the box! Hurray!

Since this thread can be still interesting for people who are trying the same thing:

The Bios (F5f) doesn't beep at all, except when it successfully boots. If you remove all memory which normally gives you the typical error beep code, the Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 keeps silent. So regardless of the i7 950 nor the Xeon CPU.

So I tried out the Xeon E5645 with the newly flashed BIOS and it works like a charm :-) Thanks for pointing out to that beta BIOS.

Attached are a few more Screenshots using the new Xeon CPU.
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